The “Pesce Azzurro Cefalù S.r.l.”, established in 1979, is today a leading company in the Italian preserved fish market.

Today, we export our products all over the world: Australia, Japan, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Switzerland, Russia, Cyprus, Israel, Germany, Holland, and Malta.

Our rich array of products includes different formats and sizes of jars and cans of anchovies, anchovy paste, tuna (in brine and in oil), tuna botargo (salted, cured tuna roe), tuna stuffed chillies and olives, clams and mussels (in brine and in oil), mackerel in oil, ready-to-eat fish sauces, stuffed sardines (the typical, so-called sarde a beccafico), fish roulades, lumpfish and capelin roe.

After the acquirement of a second factory, we can now produce pickled (anchovies, sardines pieces, seafood salad, octopus) and smoked fish (salmon, tuna, swordfish) too.

The making of all these products is guided by just one principle: Quality. We seek Quality in every phase of the process, in every element of our work, from the choice of the bestraw materials, to the scrupulous checks we do in the manufacturing.

The best quality thanks to our respect for tradition

At Conservas Ortiz we preserve our products in the craft way, respecting traditional fishing methods. The result can be seen in the unmistakable texture of our products and their natural flavour which set them apart from the rest.

Individually line caught

Our White tuna are individually line caught with live bait or fly during the coastal fishing season. This age-old technique of selective fishing (which also avoids unwanted fish being discarded) respects the environment and protects marine reserves. We prepare our White tuna in an entirely artisanal way. It offers an exquisite flavour and delicate texture for the palate.


For four generations Recca family's name has been related to the craftmade production of fish in Sicily.
The reference to the company's longevity is not only a source of pride that in itself guarantees the reliability and the quality of its products, but is necessary to understand the deep love for tradition that Agostino Recca has maintained for nearly a century. A value that has been preserved over the decades even approaching a steady growth in production volumes to satisfy a more and more demanding customers. The company has always chosen to keep intact the craftmade processing methods and in time this choice proved to be a winning idea: this is testified by the higher and higher appreciation for the Agostino Recca products in today local and foreign markets. What was born in the 30's as a small family-run company is nowadays one of the largest and well-established company specialized in the packing of canned fish in Italy.